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Collection of Use Cases covering Customer Lifecycle Management, Loyalty Management and Employee Engagement and Rewards.

Customer Lifecycle Management

Customer Lifecycle Management, also known as CLM, is an indicator for business performance when analyzed over a period of time by measuring multiple customer metrics. In order to run a profitable business, it is essential to have a well defined CLM that takes care of not only establishing but also managing customer relationships. Some of the key challenges that organisations face today are:

  • Monetising acquisition cost
  • Differentiated offerings
  • Engaging with customers
  • Retaining customers
  • Ensuring customer lifetime value
  • FTL’s hybrid platform solves the above challenges by creating a robust marketplace to handle customer journeys. Our hybrid platforms have more than a million product catalogues that address the major requirements of a customer along with an integrated ‘compare and buy’ feature for e-commerce and ‘compare and fly’ feature for travel tickets.

    We help our clients in their CLM journey by providing a robust platform for:

  • Customer engagement
  • Offering deals, discounts and gift cards
  • Target linked schemes
  • Customers of our clients, in turn, get delighted by having a one-stop-shop for comparing and getting product reviews as well as a place for creating their wish list and getting notifications whenever there is a price drop or special offers on their favourite products.

    Loyalty Management

    Loyalty management is not only about tapping into the key drivers of customer loyalty but also about planning and executing activities that help serve the customers better. With easy availability of products and services, rapid growth in e-commerce and a wider variety of things that a customer can choose from, it is a big challenge today to sustain a loyal customer base and create strong NPS. Loyalty management has therefore become a crucial factor for the growth of an organisation.

    Organisations can drive loyalty by incentivising their customers for:

  • Improving frequency of purchase
  • Increasing product and/or service width
  • Enhancing transaction value
  • Driving transactions in lean periods such as happy hours
  • Driving transactions from a specific location such as a branch or local outlet
  • Generating referrals
  • Writing a review or rating the product/service used
  • FTL’s loyalty management platform helps bridge the gulf between organisations and their customers by providing an interface where the customers can redeem their loyalty points seamlessly across a wide range of products and services.

    The loyalty management platform of FTL has an integrated loyalty and rewards features which incentivises customers throughout their journey.

    • Acquisition
      • Customizable rewards platform which has the option to incentivize acquisitions and provide a multi-tier points or rewards system
      • Our platform allows catalogue creation across the different product ranges
    • Engagement
      • An integrated platform that also provides rewards to drive engagement and incentivise cross-sell
      • Enterprises can use the platform for referral and customer upgrade or upsell
    • Retention
      • The platform can integrate with any churn modelling programs to drive retention
      • The product and product catalogues could be used to incentivize retention and give customers the option to buy different products on the platform

    With an innovative AI-based search feature and dynamic product catalogue, FTL’s loyalty management platform helps customers choose from a wide variety of products and services. Our platform also offers the option of converting customer points into vouchers or shopping credits which can be used for shopping on e-commerce and D2C brands.

    Employee Engagement and Rewards

    Reward and recognition for employee engagement is the best way to provide positive feedback while promoting development and growth. Such programs help in boosting employee morale and reduce attrition as the good work is highlighted and recognized immediately by peers, juniors and seniors.

    FTL’s platform can be seamlessly integrated with the rewards and recognition system of an organization for driving employee engagement and rewarding employees who have made a significant contribution at the workplace.

    In a typical scenario, organizations credit points to employees and the internal platform would have goodies that can be redeemed in lieu of the points. This system however is fraught with certain challenges such as:

  • Limited choice of products for redemption of the accumulated points
  • The redeemable product options might not appeal the employees
  • Storage of the products
  • The innovative platform of FTL tackles these challenges by providing a convenient way for employees with reward points to:

  • Convert their reward points into gift vouchers
  • Purchase the products through their reward points directly on e-commerce platforms